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About Us

We are a team of hospitality professionals with extensive experience in various sectors of the industry, and operating for over 15 years across multiple continents. We possess a diverse array of skills that enable us to offer comprehensive and customized insights to meet your specific needs.

What We do

Secret Shopping and Quality Audits - Our expertise goes beyond conventional secret shopping – we specialize in Brand Standards Audits, tailoring inspections to your unique requirements. Whether it's Theft and Fraud Prevention, Guest Complaint Resolution, Employee Integrity and Ethics, or guest satisfaction surveys, we design evaluations that align with your goals. Our thorough assessments encompass over 200 points, ensuring nothing escapes our discerning eye. 

We specialize in offering comprehensive secret shopping services for a variety of establishments, including hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, grocery stores, supermarkets, spas, boutiques, and airlines.


With a discerning eye for detail and an commitment to excellence, we assume the role of regular customers, meticulously evaluating every aspect of your establishment – from the ambiance and food quality to service efficiency, cleanliness, and staff performance.

Our comprehensive report is entirely confidential and includes detailed information "with photos" about the noted situations, and can be utilized to assist you in creating action plans to enhance the overall experience or for internal investigations.

Global Food Safety - Our Food Safety Inspection and Staff Training Services, are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of global food safety. With meticulous inspections of 50 points, tailored staff training programs, and a deep understanding of global compliance, we empower your establishment to excel. Our comprehensive documentation and reports ensure that you are well-prepared for audits, and our continuous support guarantees that your food safety practices evolve with the latest standards. With years of expertise, customization, and a global food safety expertize, we are your unwavering partner in cultivating a safer and more successful culinary practices. 

We would love to hear from you!

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